The Abridged Will Moredock

When I read Will Moredock’s “view” in the Charleston City Paper, I was puzzled about what his problem with Arthur Ravenel really is. (“End of a Dynasty: The Ravenels were victims of a changing culture,” June 18)

When fighting the inertia of the bureaucratic education system, it is easy to see how Arthur could have exercised less than prudent restraint. However, with the present-day blatant public use of profanity and vulgarity, it is amazing that his relatively restrained semi-private comments have caused such a hubbub.

Regardless of his past actions, affiliations, or statements, I believe the real problem is that Arthur has challenged the Charleston County education system and the easy answer is to remove him from office. However, he was duly elected to the school board. If his constituents have problems with his actions, they can remove him in the next election.

I believe that the multimillion dollar noncompetitive bureaucratic system is more reprehensible than the actions of Arthur or of those few who are brave or foolish enough to try to fix it. The real shame is not what Arthur said or did. The real shame is the inadequacy and expense of that system. Over half of our students drop out, and many of those who do graduate cannot read their diplomas or function in today’s high-tech world.

It is a great pity that the few who do try to fix the system usually get more public abuse than those who work to protect it.

Shall we rename the bridge the Will Moredock Bridge?

Hugh S. Wayne