I do not know who this Will Moredock is, but the article he wrote [on the Ravenels] was totally written without merit and without true knowledge of who the Ravenels really are. (“End of a Dynasty” by Will Moredock, June 18) To actually depict them as being arrogant and having a “plantation” mentality is ridiculous and paints the wrong picture for the public who do not personally know the Ravenels.

First of all, for Moredock to call himself a lifelong southerner is a farce! If he was a true southerner and gentleman, he wouldn’t write such an article to begin with. But for him to attack Mr. Ravenel the way he did over using “the word” is just too much, and alleging things about his past and trying to make Mr. Ravenel look like some bigot is just wrong.

As long as I have known Mr. Ravenel, he has been nothing but a very genuine, considerate, passionate, and caring man who has unrelentingly served not only the Lowcountry but the entire state. But what really got me about Mr. Moredock’s letter was his suggestion of changing the name of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. That was way out of line and so undeserved. Shame on you, Mr. Moredock.

Additionally, to make the same type of petty, envious remarks about Thomas Ravenel shows the kind of character and true colors of Mr. Moredock. Neither Mr. Ravenel nor Thomas deserved that kind of treatment. What is Mr. Moredock’s problem?

As such, I commend the wonderful letter written by Ms. Elizabeth Welch in your July 9 issue. The letter hits the nail on the head and puts Mr. Moredock in his place.

Thank you, Ms. Welch. Your letter, I am sure, was well received by others here in Charleston and sets the record straight.

Barbara E. Boylston



I worked once as the editor of a Georgia newspaper. Our motto: Some discuss it, some cuss it, everybody reads it. I thought of this motto when I read last week’s letter to the City Paper attacking a recent column in which Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger, tore right-wing blowhard Sean Hannity a new one. (“Unpatriotic Sean Hannity,” July 2)

I agree with the Avenger maybe half the time. He hasn’t yet convinced me that Abe Lincoln was a worse president than George W. Bush or that Ron Paul is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But his thought-provoking column is unique to Charleston and an asset to your paper because, cuss the Avenger or discuss him, everybody reads him.

Steve Whitmire

West Ashley


I am writing in response to the “We Are Traffic” article by Stratton Lawrence in the July 9 edition of the City Paper. It seems to me that proponents of “Share the Road” initiatives want the privileges connected with road use without any of the responsibilities.

Are bicyclists required to purchase insurance? Do they pay license and registration fees? Do they pay an annual vehicle tax?

Until such time that bicyclists share the financial obligations associated with road usage, they are not traffic, they are trespassers.

Rena Shaw

Moncks Corner