Flat Tired of Moredock

This is yet another pedantic tirade about this backward little city, in this backward little state, from Will Moredock. Figures. (“Reining in the Bikers: Let’s not let Charleston become Myrtle Beach,” March 11)

Once again, he offers up more of the same that readers should come to expect of him: shoddy reporting, rampant assumption, and exaggeration. Now the crusading curmudgeon is on to motorcycles.

A few observations:

“Now, I am not saying that all bikers are violent, but the image is there and it is well earned.” Yeah, Will, that is exactly what you’re saying. And how convenient of you to hedge your bets with the backlash of editor’s letters you expect. Isn’t that weekly these days?

“[M]otorcycles are completely out of place in our historic district.” No, they aren’t. Cyclists have the right to ride whatever they want, wherever they want so long as they abide by existing laws. And not all bikes have after-market exhaust systems (including mine), but you generalized motorcycles as a whole.

The publishing of this column is an embarrassment to the Charleston City Paper. I think perhaps it is Moredock’s exhaust that needs reining in.

And just remember: Every time you create a ban, you also create a fringe. If bikes are outlawed downtown, you may rank me among the latter.

Charleston Fish


Will Gets What He Asks For

I’d just like to know who Will Moredock seems to think he is when he makes these preposterous proclamations that “motorcycles are completely out of place in [Charleston’s] historic district” and “Bikers must learn to obey the law like the rest of us”? (“Reining in the Bikers: Let’s not let Charleston become Mrytle Beach,” March 11)

He seems to think he has the patent and rights on what should or should not be allowed on the streets of Charleston. Pretty egotistical, me thinks.

I personally would suggest that pudgy, rumpled, ugly, old liberal coots such as Moredock seem out of place on Charleston’s streets. Perhaps we ought to pass legislation requiring folks like him to consume nothing but Slim Fast and receive face-lifts, liposuction, and plastic surgery in our implementation of a citywide beautification project. But some might think me extreme.

And what laws must we bikers learn to obey? The arbitrary ones that are passed in order to discriminate against us? There is no helmet law for adult motorcycle enthusiasts in South Carolina. There is no law prohibiting aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach officials just concocted these ordinances in order to discriminate against bikers. Whether or not I wear a helmet when I ride does not infringe upon the rights of anyone. And as far as noise goes, Myrtle Beach had a noise ordinance already. All they had to do was to enforce it.

These laws have nothing to do with biker violence or biker noise. If a biker gets unruly and violent, he is not a biker; he’s a criminal. He’s no more or less a criminal than a soccer mom that gets unruly or violent. But just because a few soccer moms might get out of hand at the annual soccer mom convention does not mean that we ought to outlaw soccer. Nor should we require soccer players to wear helmets while playing soccer.

Moredock’s only redeeming characteristic is that at least he’s an honest socialist. He tells us outright that he hates us bikers, and that’s why he proffers to legislate us out of existence. This is different from the garden-variety liberal in that Moredock reveals outright his totalitarian ambitions. Regular left-wing loons would claim that I should be forced to wear my helmet for my own good, all the while secretly in lockstep with Moredock’s pretentious malarkey.

If my fellow bikers want to come down here to Charleston to ride, let me be the first to welcome them. All things considered, Charleston is a great place to enjoy our pastime. You’ll have to excuse the “Moredocks,” though.

Don’t forget to cruise through the historic district once or twice and keep in mind what makes it so “historic.” The secession started here. Freedom-loving southern folk demanding “state’s rights.” Myrtle Beach may not know about liberty, but we still do down here.

Eric Roberts

Goose Creek