Pack It Up

I can’t help but respond to the comment in the last issue about “slow” locals. (Love/Hate, “Slow Locals Make Me Crap My Pants,” March 25)

One of the attractive qualities of this area that causes people “from off” to move here is the less stressful pace of life that we enjoy. If you are in that much of a hurry, then you should use the mode of transportation that brought you here to take you back to where you came from. Maybe there other people will bow down to your will and do things your way. I, however, will now drive slower and take my time about everything I do. I urge other locals to do the same. Maybe people like “Make me crap my pants” will get frustrated and move.

Everyday, I see the further erosion of local character due to impatient transplants trying to make my home more like the place they left to move here. So before you want to spout off about us slow locals, remember that nobody forced you to move here and the result of you doing so is ruining this area that I’ve lived in most of my life.

I’d love to help you pack your things, so you can go away.

Stuart Johnson

Mt. Pleasant