I wonder why the “Back Alley Abortion Doctor” who needs work in Stegelin’s Jan. 18 cartoon (Views) doesn’t just get a job at one of the thriving legal abortion clinics? What would prevent an abortionist from getting work at a legitimate practice? Did he let too many babies survive?

Johnson, if I hear on more screaming baby come from your operating room … it had better be immediately followed by a muffled thump! This is an abortion clinic, man!

Or more likely its that he is unsafe (in this profession that would mean maiming and killing precisely one human per operation). And keeping abortion legal promises to keep only the safe practitioners employed. Heck, if murder was left to the professional and licensed hit-men, then we would have less of these sloppy drive-by killings..

Criminalize murder! We’ll go back to the days of drive-bys with innocent victims. You’ll see!

Kirk Gilbert


When I was a preteen, I had a friend who lied. He couldn’t tell the truth. He also stole.

On one occasion, he shoplifted numerous packets of foreign postage stamps for his collection — probably 20 packets in all. He was caught red-handed as he exited the store. He pleaded. He promised to never steal again and he gave back approximately seven of the 20 packets. He was released with the remainder still hidden on his person.

My friend may not be an officer of one or more of our multi-national oil/energy companies. These companies were caught red-handed in the cookie jars. They were, in my opinion, stealing from those who could least afford the theft. When caught, they, like my boyhood friend, lied, covered their tracks, and gave back some of their prospective loot. Unlike my young friend, they did not give back any of that which they stole and they did not promise to never steal again. The cold hard truth is that they plan to steal huge amounts again based on the monopolistic and unconscionable increase in fuel oil and natural gas prices.

Have we all noticed that, based upon these plans to lie and steal, these companies are spending millions on multi-media advertisements telling us what nice guys they are and reminding us to have our kids and grandkids wear their cuddly slippers during cold evenings.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the constant, saccharin, sickening advertisements of oil companies? Surely, if they have no shame, they can at least show some compassion for those who know the affects of the constant drum beat of propaganda. Leave us alone to shiver this winter without telling us to enjoy our imposed misery.

Marvin I. Oberman


After reading the recent article about parking downtown, something came to mind. Parking garages, or parking lots in general, have one simple rule: Park your car within the boundaries of the two lines that mark the space. In addition, if there is a sign that says “compact car parking only,” you should only park your car in that space if your car is, indeed, a compact car. Both of these concepts are lost to numerous people who park in the Cumberland Street garage on a daily basis. Either that, or some believe that they get two parking spaces so nobody will door ding their Lexus. And don’t forget the people who park their horrendously large vehicles in the spaces marked “Compact Car Parking Only.” Granted, it may be illiteracy, but today, on my way down from the fourth level of the garage, I noticed numerous violations of this rule. I don’t remember hearing that someone decreed that full size sedans, full size pickup trucks, and full size SUVs qualify as compact cars. One day last week, I had to squeeze into my car (which is explicitly classified by the manufacturer as a compact) at the end of the day because someone had parked their silver Nissan Xterra in the compact car space next to mine.

I believe that if the Charleston Police Department would like a gold mine of parking violations, all they’ve got to do is take a walk through the Cumberland Street garage and ticket these uncouth bastards. One reason these people park like this is because the parking regulations are not enforced in the garage like they are on the street. I think they should enforce it in the garage, since my first idea to punish these people, involuntary sterilization so that they will not breed children like themselves, probably wouldn’t go over too well.

Thomas M. Spade