Green with Envy

Not only because Will Moredock gets it right (or do I mean “left”?) more often than not, but also because he is a gifted writer, bold journalist, and asset to our community, I am reluctant to be too hard on him. His column, The Good Fight, is the first thing I read in Charleston City Paper every issue, and I am rarely disappointed.

This week’s column, unfortunately, is one of those rare exceptions by virtue of a puzzling omission. (“Much Work Is Left to Be Done: The ACLU is back on the job in South Carolina”, July 29) Although comprehensive otherwise, there is not even a mention of the ACLU’s suit last year against the state Election Commission on behalf of the S.C. Green Party. According to the ACLU, this was the first case of its kind. The suit is still pending in federal district court, and, largely due to brilliant work by ACLU attorney Bryan Sells, the Green Party continues to be optimistic about a favorable ruling.

Let’s give Moredock the benefit of any doubt and assume his omission was an oversight rather than an attempt to avoid annoying the S.C. Democratic Party, which had urged the Election Commission to take the action that led to the ACLU’s suit. Nevertheless, the omission was deeply disappointing.

Eugene Platt

Member, Steering CommitteeS.C. Green Party