As a member of the board of advisors for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization here in the Lowcountry, I was heartened to see The City Paper highlight our need for adult mentors. I thank you. We are sorely in need of over 280 adults to pair with youngsters looking for some guidance. The program is fun, rewarding and does not take a huge commitment of time. Come on Charleston, protect your future and save a kid today. Think of it as a good excuse to go to the circus! www.becomeabig.org

Steve Latour
Big Brothers/Big Sisters advisory board member
Daniel Island


Damn, I can’t believe it, Will Moredock is finally right on something. Yes Will, George Bush is not a friend to America. But then again neither is the Republican Party. Wrong for America at conception and still wrong today.

Now that you know this, what now? I would say that friends don’t let friends vote Republican for starters. Starting with Lincoln, they have never done anything good for the country, but they sure have fattened their own wallets over the years. The way I see it, the Reps are out for money (their own) as the Dems are out to make America a little better for us all. They may spend more money, but it’s for American projects. I will grant this, the Dems need to come up with a candidate other than a spoiled rich guy (that’s the Reps way).

That said, here’s a solution for a couple of problems: let’s bring our boys home from Iraq today and quit this idiocracy and tomorrow let’s declare war on Mexico. This way we could capture or kill all enemies on our soil (even with one foot over the line) and let’s make it damn near impossible to enter the U.S. with armed soldiers at the border and racial profiling. Yes, it works and works well.

Lastly, let’s make it illegal for anyone from Texas to ever be President again. They just can’t do it. And send Will (that poor black child) back to NC where he belongs. His people need him.

Mike Bew


As a moderate Democrat, I am now ready to state something which I have suspected for a long time: Will Moredock is a left wing loon.

I laughed out loud after reading the first paragraph of the Aug. 16 column, “Back to Basics.” I had seen this before from him. I know that he admits to rehashing this spew about a so-called fear of the black male (I laughed when Public Enemy tried to proclaim this idiocy years ago), but this admission does not make it any less creepy. Moredock most definitely comes across as a man who is stuck in the 19th century and early 20th century.

Why can’t this man focus on what is obviously clear in today’s America? This is the fact that no matter what city you visit in America, the worst community will be the black community.

When Moredock keeps on feeding us this tripe about white southerners quiet racism and the plight of blacks in the South, he isn’t helping anything. He is just making things worse. Maybe he just wants to be a hero to the black community, or maybe he just hates the South. Who knows? What I do know is this: There are plenty of good black people who want their communities to work, be strong, prosper and compete with other communities, but they are burdened by so many of their own who just don’t care! Who suffers the most when these left wing loons speak about their propagandist beliefs, those African Americans who just want to move on.

Will Moredock is obviously an intelligent man when it comes to certain areas of discussion. However, he sides himself with worn out, extreme and at times maniacal beliefs.

I think that you should drop Mr. Moredock’s column and replace him with someone that lives in the here and now.

Kevin Layne Monoxide


I rarely write letters about any topic, but Ian Grey’s critique of the World Trade movie disaster appalled me. Who is this person? I saw the movie, and his so called critique had little to do with the movie, but a lot to do with Mr. Grey’s personal politics. Is he an understudy to Michael Moore? I don’t care what his political views are, but if you are going to hire his services as a movie critic, insist he focus on the assignment, not vent his political views as a substitute. City Paper deserves better!

David J. Waldron
Mt. Pleasant