John Graham Altman III Still A CP Reader

Your commemorative tenth anniversary issue was well done but it all too modestly glossed over the hours, days, weeks, months, and years of really hard work you folks obviously put in. You have a right to be proud and celebrate. Hard work deserves recognition.

Your first 10 years’ existence covered the final 10 years of my 30 consecutive years of elected public service to Charleston County and South Carolina. I couldn’t have done it without you and I crave your continued support.

I read your paper every week and enjoy your steadfast journalistic motto: “This story/column is just too good to fact check.”

Congratulations on your “First Ten” — let’s shoot for another “Ten.” I’ll try to give you some more “ammo,” and thanks for the “Five Most Wanted” Award (but shouldn’t Altman come before Campbell?).

John Graham Altman III

West Ashley

Big Ravenel Fan

I have had the privilege of faithfully serving the Office of the State Treasurer under Mr. Grady Patterson, Mr. Thomas Ravenel, and Mr. Ken Wingate. 

I have no knowledge of Mr. Ravenel’s personal situation which led to his recent resignation in the best interest of our state. However, given the circumstances, my conscience and sense of loyalty compel my personal observation of his positive contributions. Without minimizing the exemplary records of public service and the significant contributions of Mr. Patterson and Mr. Wingate, I offer my perspective.

On inauguration day this year, Mr. Ravenel arrived and shook our hands and exchanged introductions with each and every staff member in the office. He made no changes in the management or staff for the agency’s programs, and he sought their advice in making decisions that affected their areas of responsibility. Mr. Ravenel was immediately an enthusiastic member of the boards charged with oversight of the state’s finances and investments. 

During the time he held his office, Mr. Ravenel discharged his responsibilities diligently, with careful deliberation that resulted in his taking positions that were consistent with his personal convictions. I can not say that Mr. Ravenel and I always agreed on everything — no two people do. What I can say is that in every case, I not only supported but I respected his decisions because I knew of his exhaustive efforts in making them. And while human nature might cause those who supported his election to feel betrayed by his personal mistakes, his resolve never diminished for the achievement of his ideals. For those who voted for him on the basis of those ideals, he did not let them down.

Rick Harmon