Top Marks for Another View

“Failing the Grade” (Nov. 7) by Barney Blakeney gets an A plus! All other remedies for improving K-12 fail because the parents do not instill the desire for an education in their children.

More money for teachers, books, buildings, technology, and so on will not bring a satisfactory return. More work with the parents would.

I hope you keep this theme on the front burner. Maybe the City Paper will too.

Frank C. Leister


Big Help

As a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as an active Big Brother myself, I was absolutely delighted to see our own Chassity Grant featured on your cover (“Matchmaker” by Kinsey Labberton, Nov. 14). Her contributions to the program are endless and are a testament to her passion for our local children. I also want to commend your publication for featuring other local nonprofits and the people who keep their engines running.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program definitely works, and we need help. Monetary donations are always welcome, but we really need volunteers to help mentor the kids. It is heartbreaking to hear of all the children crying out for an adult match. So c’mon, Charleston, invest in your community and sign up for a “little” today. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it will make you a better person. The New Year is almost upon us so make a resolution this year that will make a difference; you’ll be glad you did.

Steve Latour

Vice President, Board of Advisors

Big Brother Big Sisters