No Change

Jack Hunter’s commentary in your April 30 issue was right on target. (“NAACP Frustrations) I challenge the Rev. Joseph A. Darby to name any program that the NAACP has offered that has materially improved the lives of any of their constituents.

It is interesting that programs like Habitat for Humanity, a non-black, non-NAACP institution, has given many low-income blacks and single mothers opportunities for housing. Community groups, corporations, and even our local towns have also provided assistance and direct support for activities and programs that have helped countless NAACP constituents; most of these groups do not receive the kind of support from the NAACP or even black people that they should.

As long as the NAACP, the Rev. Darby, and the more selfishly-motivated nationally known race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue their very personal and embarrassing self-promotion and income stream at the expense of the innocent black community, nothing will ever change — it hasn’t for the last decade, and it will not for the next.

Seymour Rosenthal

Mt. Pleasant

Training Day

In the article “Get Motivated My Ass” published on April 2, your reporter Will Moredock made the inaccurate and misleading statement that est “disappeared in a welter of litigation, acrimony and IRS claims.”

The fact is that Werner Erhard retired the est training when he launched a new course, and that this had been planned for years. There was no litigation or acrimony, nor did the IRS figure into its retirement in any way whatsoever.

The est training was a monumental, ground-breaking, and innovative program that greatly impacted the lives of people from all over the world.

Martin N. Leaf, Esq.

Former counsel to est