The Lowbrow’s heading into the lion’s den this morning. Earlier this week, I proposed a dual-podcast to my blogging compatriots at The Post and Courier, and Geoff, Dan, and Janet seemed to think it was a swell idea. I’d been struck by a post Dan wrote on Monday about blogging as a meta-narrative that has the potential to either [image-1]drag so-called highbrow, esoteric phenomena like Spoleto Festival USA into the light where everyone can see and understand them – or simply water down the notion of fine art to the point where it becomes meaningless. It’s still an open question. So fellow CP blogger Jonathan Sanchez and I will be representing and hopefully not mumbling too much.

I’m in fairly good condition, having skipped the Swan Lake party last night in favor of compiling my thoughts on Book of Longing and getting some rest. Following my 11am chat at the P&C, I’ll be doing another podcast recording session at 1pm with Aurélia Thierrée about her magical circus theatre work Aurélia’s Oratorio, which opened last night. (More on that later. Suffice to say: go.)