I was in a potentially horrible accident on I-26 westbound around 9:40 p.m. last night. I came over a rise and saw a slow moving vehicle, and had to break hard and swerve left to avoid him.
My breaks locked up and I wound up spinning across all 3 westbound lanes, my front bumper scraped the concrete dividing wall, and I think I might have hit the guard rail as well. I’m not sure what really happened.
All I know is when it was done, the other vehicle had some of my car’s paint on their bumper, my front and rear bumpers were scraped up, my driver’s fender was dinted, but other than that, my car was undamaged and functioning fine. All I have is a bruise on my knee and one on my shoulder from my seatbelt. Even the trooper that showed up was baffled as to what happened and how my car wasn’t totaled.
I feel like the luckiest woman in the world today, because for about 90 seconds last night, I thought I was going to die or go to the emergency room.