Here’s the Wrap:

Billboard of the year:


• Lightrail possibilities? With gas heading to $4 a gallon, I’ll clear the tracks myself.

• Three episodes and three seasons to go before I’m inevitably disappointed in the Lost finale.

• OMG! Justin and Cameron kiss at Shrek opening …sort of.

• This is the kind of thing you get from a news story about a meeting between the Queen of England and President George Bush.

From The New York Times:

Lunch at the White House included wild asparagus, seared sea bass and raspberry meringue — all prepared with Queen Elizabeth’s aversion to hot spices in mind.

Then The Washington Post

On a cool but sunny spring day, the queen, wearing a white tunic, white gloves, black skirt and black and white hat, arrived on the South Lawn of the White House

And then there’s dinner

Guests are to be seated at 13 damask-clothed tables for the five-course meal.

• Hold on to those white and black hats, Charleston, — wild winds are blowing in.

Twenty-five killed, more than 50 wounded in Iraq car bombings.

• Man dies after a bomb explodes in Las Vegas.