We just (like, just this second) got an email from the Spoleto Festival USA that Lil’ Buck, the jookin’ sensation who was set to perform with cellist Ashley Bathgate, will not make it to the May 29 7:30 p.m. performance of What Moves You. The cause is a travel delay. 

Standing (or dancing) in for him will be his cousin, Ron “Prime Tyme” Myles. According to Spoleto’s press email, Myles often works in partnership with Lil’ Buck, and was a featured dancer in the 2001 Footloose movie. He’s also starred in several TV spots for major brands like Diet Pepsi, Kohl’s, and Adidas. Check out the video of him below. 

We’re quite sure Myles will impress patrons tomorrow night, but given the immense popularity of this show — it sold out, then new tickets were released and they sold out in 10 minutes — we think there may be some angry ticketholders right about now. 

On the upside, what an opportunity for Myles. We hope he kicks ass out there.