Hand off the panic button. Walmart’s expansion plans on James Island amount to quite a whimper, not a bang, compared to the company’s previous plans that led to hundreds coming out in opposition.

The bulk of the newly proposed addition will replace the garden center — building out closer to Folly Road. There will be an extra lane of parking up on the back end of the lot, along Griffith Boulevard. The city’s Commercial Corridor Design Review Board will be taking a look at the design plans at 5 p.m. Thursday in the third floor meeting room at 75 Calhoun Street.

As one commenter pointed out, Riverland Woods residents will want to watch the approval process closely, since even the slightest change at the southeast corner of the lot could impact their view.

Walmart recently finished remodelling at the Rivers Avenue site, with a redesigned pharmacy, increased shelf space, and a larger media center.