When local promoter Ben Bounds, of Follywood Productions, approached Lindsay Holler about a month-long residency at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ in West Ashley, the singer/songwriter got really excited. “I knew that they started doing that recently and thought it was a cool idea,” she says. “So I just jumped at the chance.”

Her Thursday night “home stand” started on June 16 and continues through Thurs. July 7.

Holler, who usually hits the stage with a rotating cast of her Western Polaroids, will be performing solo, albeit with a few friends joining in here and there.

“It gives me a chance to focus more on the songs,” says Holler. “Often in an intimate solo acoustic setting or duo setting [like Home Team], songs that maybe wouldn’t work in a big venue can really come through.”

The Western Polaroids have a strong reputation for textured instrumentation, dynamic arrangements, and an emotive performance style.

“I usually have a more intense band thing going on,” says Holler. “But I’m going to use this opportunity to highlight good songwriting, whether it’s — hopefully — mine, or somebody else’s. I have a couple of friends coming into town that I don’t get to play with too often, so we’ll do some of their songs and they’ll do some of mine.”

Home Team started the residency series a few months ago and has had good success with it, and Holler adds a new sound and hopes to maybe even be back sometime soon. Playing from 9 p.m. to midnight, Holler’s glad that she’ll have a long show, but one that’s not too late for working people. As for specifics about what to expect, she doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

“It’s going to be real loose and more laid back than what I’m usually able to do,” she says. “I’ve got a couple of things I used to mess with that I’ve been bringing back, some older stuff of mine, and some Elliott Smith stuff. It’s always fun to play friends’ songs, so there will definitely be a lot of that. Oh, and there’s a couple old Little Feat songs I’ve been brushing off as well. Hopefully, it will show a different side of what I do.”