In some of the ads Graham has run in the past on WTMA, he claims “I’ve been to Iraq 13 times,” to which I reply, “Wow. You must be one dumb son of a bitch to have gone to Iraq 13 times and still reach the same wrong conclusions!”

Do you think he ever got off that plane? I wonder. Here’s the other side of Graham’s campaign mailer:

Being in favor of an unjust and unwise war simply because Democrats oppose it, is as absurd as being in favor of an unjust and unwise war simply because Republicans support it.

And for the record, I favor “cutting” like Jack the Ripper and “running” like Jesse Owens, in Iraq.

There is no victory in Iraq, only prolonged defeat. I don’t care how many times Graham wears camoflauge and refuses to “back down” from disaster.