Well I guess we know where Lindsey’s spending the bulk of his campaign funds. He runs a few ads on WTMA, but refuses to call in. He’s afraid to confront callers.

Here’s one of Lindsey’s past mailers, in which I had wondered if he ever got off the military helicopter he seemed to enjoy posing in:

Apparently, he did get off. Look at what he did to the sand in Iraq:

Is the line that Graham drew meant to separate “stupid” from “sane” on American foreign policy? If so, we all know which side Lindsey ended up on.

But drawing lines wasn’t the only fun Lindsey had playing in the sand in Iraq. Daniel Bein at The Left Conservative discovered the following picture from the same trip:

Neoconservative foreign policy is a house of cards, or in Lindsey’s case – a castle of sand – temporary, unstable and unsustainable. Childish, tough guy posturing is no substitute for grown up assessment, action and correction. But at least the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.