Credit: Michael Estes

Despite all the 2020 roadblocks, local rock band Majic Dust dropped its debut self-titled album after two years of writing and recording the material. 

“We can go in any direction, which is one of the qualities of the band I appreciate,” said drummer Jonathan Carman. “Right when you think it’s gonna go mellow, it’s like, ‘No we’re not.’” 

The straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll on Majic Dust is a crescendo of foreboding lyrics and moody melodies, in the same vein as Black Angels or All Them Witches.

In addition to Carman, Majic Dust consists of guitarist/vocalist Rob Hampton and bassist JR Spencer, and the album came together between recording sessions in the Charleston Music Hall when it was empty during 2020 and a home studio in Johns Island.

Hampton paid tribute to two major Kentucky rock bands that molded him as a musician with the song, “Rodan vs Crain.”

“‘Rodan vs Crain’ is one of my favorite ones,” Hampton said. “It’s the last one we wrote while doing the record. It’s my shoutout to Louisville, Kentucky, where I got into the rock scene back in the ‘90s — it’s a snapshot of a moment in time for me.”