[image-1]Over the past few years, Stephen Colbert has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation.

Gone is the mock cable news anchor who nobody really knew well out of character. Changing direction, the Charleston native re-entered the zeitgeist last year as an earnest late-night host competing in the TV world he helped create. Going up against lip sync battles and even more news satire, Colbert’s reinvented “Late Show” features some set pieces familiar to “Report” watchers (Hungry for Power Games, The Werd) as well as markedly less-silly interviews with the normal wave of late-night guests.

This week, Colbert sat down with prolific ‘Fresh Air’ host Terry Gross and discussed why he quit Comedy Central, how his ‘Truthiness’ mantra has become even more relevant, and changes he’s already made to his new show as he connects with a new audience.

[embed-1]Cover photo from @colbertlateshow