[image-1] This week’s cover story, “The Devil You Know,” has it all: Fake devil worship, a supposed Satanic temple in downtown Charleston, police worries over the occult taking root in South Carolina, and even a reaction with the head of the Church of Satan.


But if you don’t have a chance to sit down and flip through Dustin’s story in this week’s issue, we’ve got you.

You can listen to an expanded version of this week’s bonkers story in our podcast feed.

In your favorite podcast player, just search for “Charleston City Paper” and subscribe or follow. We’ll be releasing the story as a four-part podcast series today through Friday. The first two installments are available now.

Even if you do get a chance to read it and the devilry, panic, and satanic paranoia isn’t enough for you, there’s way more of that in Dustin’s spoken word version.

Stay tuned to that podcast feed, because there’s more where that came from very soon.

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