[image-1]This year, when we decided to reprise our year-end Literary Issue, we wanted to do something a little different to help some of this city’s up-and-coming writers reach a new audience. So we asked them to stop by the office for a personal reading of their original work for an all-new audio version of our 2016 Lit Issue.

Some of this year’s featured writers may be familiar to you, like City Paper contributor Stephanie Hunt and Ayinde Waring. Some are new voices, like Aaron Wood and Corrie Wang. The pieces are short and easy to listen to on the way to work or riding in the back of a Midwest polka band’s rented truck.

You can listen to them over the course of this week by subscribing to the Charleston City Paper‘s podcast feed in your mobile app of choice (SoundCloud, Podcasts on iOS and coming soon to Google Play Music on Android.) And if you’re good, that feed will bring a few new things your way in 2017.

Let us know how you like them, shoot me an email or tweet @samwithans with your feedback.