Record labels, TV commercials, and media outlets usually make a bog deal over Christmas songs every year, but not enough attention gets paid the best Thanksgiving tune of the season — late jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi‘s slow-groovin’ number “Little Birdie.”

The tune was featured during the scenes where Snoopy and Woodstock wrestle with an old ping-pong table and folding chairs as they set up Thanksgiving dinner in the 1973 Peanuts special (Snoopy’s menu for the kids included buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans).

Lyrically, the song has nothing to do with traditional American Thanksgiving, but the anti-worry/positive sentiment and snuffy singing style somehow matches the vibe of the season. Guaraldi sings lead, just barely in front of a great-sounding brass section and some funky electric piano (click audio sample to the bottom right).