A week after the Roast of Baywatch stud, German pop superstar, and YouTube drunkard David Hasselhoff, Charleston will be having a roast of its own. To celebrate a successful year of Open Mic Comedy at the Tin Roof, Mark Szlachetka willpreside over the roast of the creator’s of Little Caesar’s Palace, Jason Groce and Nick and Lesley of the Tin Roof.

The comedy lineup features new and old faces to the regular show, including David Appleton, Dusty Slay, Bill Davis, Derek Humphrey, Tommy Hutchins, Andy Livengood, R.W. Smith, David Dabney, Jason Groce, and Lesley Carroll. Like any good roast, we’re thinking the jokes won’t be rated PG.

The One Year Anniversary Roast will begin to heat up around 8 p.m. Sun. Aug. 22, at Tin Roof in West Ashley, located at 1117 Magnolia Road. As always, there’s no charge to get in and Lesley will be behind the bar serving drinks and behind the mic serving jokes.

To be clear, for all those comedic hopefuls wanting to take part in this event, this is not an open mic.