Local musician John Shields, a.k.a. Leaf Eater, recently reunited with Kevin Shields (nope, they’re not brothers), the other half of hip-hop project Little Stranger, and today the duo released their long -awaited album Buddha the Beast. 

After graduating from CofC, John returned to his hometown of Philly but moved back to Charleston last year. And only a few weeks ago, Kevin followed suit so Little Stranger could collaborate in the same city again. 

In the works for many months, Buddha the Beast can be streamed today in full on the group’s Youtube video (below), where you’ll find the two driving around the Lowcountry with their dog, a watermelon, and a box of Lucky Charms. The full album, complete with Hootie & the Blowfish lyrical references, will be available for download on Tuesday, and you can catch Little Stranger live at the Royal American Thurs. Oct. 29 with the Gad Gods and Escape from Mordor.