[image-1] Three time Emmy winner and Live 5 News’ chief meteorologist Bill Walsh recently released his third novel (jack of all trades, eh?), Uncle Danny, a gangster tale set in 1920s Rhode Island.

Under his author moniker, W.F. Walsh, the local meteorologist writes what Kirkus Reviews calls a “sophisticated thriller.” Reynolds Media says, “It’s like the Godfather meets Boardwalk Empire.” Sign us up.

In the 1920s gangsters were called bootleggers — and Uncle Danny has quite the cast of characters of ‘leggers. There’s Uncle Danny himself, Owney “The Killer” Madden, and William “Big Bill” Dwyer, who run an organized crime syndicate called the Big Seven.

A press release for the book puts it this way: “Al Capone ran Chicago. The North End Gang ran Boston. The Big Seven ran New York, New England, and just about everything else.”

Walsh’s first novel, The Umbrella Option, came out in 2013, when City Paper chatted with him about his “action-packed debut.” The book, about a special agent, required some research on Walsh’s part — likely the case for the era-specific Uncle Danny, too.
[content-1] In 2013 Walsh said, “In fiction, you have to be real. You try to be realistic, and you also have to use fictional places and characters and stuff like that, but you want to have the taste of reality when you’re reading it.”

Walsh’s second novel, Red Carpet Ransom, was also a national security thriller.

You can snag Uncle Danny (and all of Walsh’s books) online and in a variety of retail stores. Keep up to date with where to purchase Uncle Danny by following Walsh’s Facebook page