8:55: Ron Paul fans admonished for chanting. “We came here to hear the candidates,” says an announcer. “Not you.”

9:00: I’m not sure who Calvin Gilmore is, and I’m not sure South Carolina needs a country music ambassador.

Mitt’s going to fight for every single job. You know, since he’s going to be unemployed next year.

Rudy’s ready to cut taxes to raise money and then cut spending at the same amount. Hmm. Then how would you spend the extra money? Oh, FOX doesn’t care.

Mitt hits Ron Paul, his competition for last place in the presidential race.

Ron Paul says, “Bring on the recession!”

Fred Thompson endorses Rudy’s tax plan … then says it’s the other way around.

Is there a reason every FOX reporter has to ask a few questions?

I was taking pictures of the candidates just before the debate. Saw Sean Hannity. Didn’t take any photos because he was being nice to the audience. Who really wants to see that?

Fred is taking on Huck. Get’s great applause.

Huck says what he did as governor was govern … and eat.

Game: If every candidate ratchets off the “Republican principles,” yell Yahtzee.

9:30: Rudy runs an ad on taxes.

Fred Thompson runs a TDAmeritrade ad featuring his old Law and Order buddy. Clever Fred. Very clever.

Brit asks Huck a confusing Iran/U.S. boat exchange question.

Thompson: Iraq speedboats are getting “frisky.” “Weekend at Bernies” frisky? Or “Bush in Iraq” frisky?

Brit uses the word “provocative” in regards to Iran. Geez. Provocative and frisky. This guys may get wood if they didn’t need medicinal assistance.

McCain gives Ron Paul the “Al Gore humpf.”

Mitt attacks Ron Paul, his competition for last place in the presidential race.

Romney’s campaign just sent out a press release on his work as a governor in Mass. Which is helpful since he hasn’t been asked many questions.

Wait, he did just get a looming split screen while Ron Paul is talking. Really, Romney needs the Chris Dodd clock.

Romney says foreign policy isn’t like the two-man game of checkers like it was in the 20th century. It’s now like 3-D chess, which … um, is still a two-man game.

People keep taking pictures of the media room. Listen, we’re in the print business for a reason.

10:00: An hour in and I don’t think we’ve talked about anything people are worried about. They’ve spent more time giving Ron Paul hell then they have answering questions.

Huck sees Fred’s Law and Order buddy ad and raises him a weight loss ad.

Romney says McCain’s win in New Hampshire doesn’t mean voters want experience — it means they want McCain.

Chris Wallace asks another question that requires a “No” from the candidate.

There’s a third. I’m not sure these are really even questions.

Thompson: “We went to Washington in 199…” oh, sometime around there.

Now somebody is walking around in here with a video camera. I feel like I’m being stalked. I’m calling Britney for tips.

Huck gets a Promise Keepers question. Gives a good joke about “passing the plates.” He should be live blogging this stuff.

McCain gets the immigration question he needed. Gives a human answer. And he calls himself a Republican!

Thompson calls for a gatekeeper like the midget in the Wizard of Oz.

And that’s it.