[image-1] Heather McMahan brings her farewell tour — her first and as she says it, possibly the last — to the Music Hall on Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. Tickets are just $30 and are available now.

With an Instagram bio that reads, in part, “Comedian w/ broad shoulders & thin ankles. If I didn’t have eczema I’d be a stripper,” McMahan is best known for her social media presence, specifically her “Britney 911” series. Check it out for yourself on McMahan’s Instagram highlights, in which McMahan theorizes what may be going on with Britney Spears: “I think someone’s holding her against her will.”

McMahan joins an ever-growing crop of comedians who are getting more eyeballs because of their hilarious social media accounts (a social media side effect we can get behind). Recently McMahan was a guest on the Today show’s Hoda & Jenna segment, in an interview titled “Insta-Funny: Meet social media sensation Heather McMahan.”

“Two weeks ago I was living at home with my mother at 32 years old and now I’m on the Today show,” quips McMahan in the interview. “When Instagram stories came around I started living my life authentically and honestly. It just took off.”