w/ Weigh Station
Thurs. Nov. 16
9:30 p.m.
$8/adv, $10/door
Pour House

You know that age-old question, “The Beatles or the Stones?” Well, Sexbruise? is the answer. The electronic-EDM-hip-hop foursome will kick a crowd’s ass with hooks from the future (that’s where they say they’re from), and local audiences just keep going back for more. “One time someone asked me to just punch him in the face and then sign it,” says Stratton “DJ Desktop” Moore. In case you’re wondering, he plays a desktop computer on stage like a drum kit. Obviously, more conventional instruments are thrown into the mix. There are actual drums, synths, rapping (usually about Ford Tauruses), and a fuzzed-up guitar, all contributing to grooves that would make Buddy Rich weep, if he were still alive. As with every Sexbruise? show, snacks are going to be present. “We have so many snacks that it would be ridiculous not to throw them at [the audience],” says drummer John “Nasdaq” Pope. “It’s definitely not a cheap attempt to make the audience love us.” In addition to the killer dance tunes, like the hip-shaking “Middle School Dance,” the band will provide free original crust peetza. We were instructed by keyboardist and singer Julie “J-Dollar-Sign” Slonecki to “misspell ‘pizza’ so it’s not false advertising.” Sexbruise? always has something big planned for the future. Currently, they’re talking about a North Korean tour. “We’re tight with Dennis Rodman,” says Pope. The band claims Pope and Rodman met on Tinder. Their date was at the Olive Garden. —Heath Ellison THURSDAY


Fri. Nov. 17
9:30 p.m.
$10/adv, $12/door
Pour House

Huey Lewis & the News needs no introduction. They released three platinum albums in the ’80s, were immortalized in one of the most memorable scenes in American Psycho, and contributed “Power of Love” to one of the most quotable films of all time. Is it any surprise saxophonist Mike Quinn wanted to pay tribute to the pop-rock hit makers with the brilliantly titled Fake News? “This is the third or fourth time I’ve done this tribute,” says Quinn. “It’s a super fun discography to tackle, because it’s so indicative of the ’80s — it’s so representative of a lot of different styles of music as well.” Quinn put together a seven-piece band to bring this 20-plus song set list together that comprises a range of Huey tunes, including the 1983 platinum album Sports played in its entirety. “[Sports] was my first item of music,” says Quinn. The LP was even the reason Quinn picked up the saxophone as a kid. “I kind of became obsessed with it,” he says. The band will jam on other tracks friendly to the mainstream Huey Lewis fan like “Hip to be Square” and “Back in Time.” — Heath Ellison FRIDAY


Sun. Nov. 19
7 p.m.
Charleston Music Hall

The brains behind Charleston’s wildly popular “Women &” series are flipping the script. For two years, Lindsay Holler and Hazel Ketchum have put on showcases of local female singers performing the songs of one particular male artist for a night (Women & Bowie, Women & Waits, etc.). For their final “Women &” performance of 2017, Holler and Ketchum decided to change things up with “Dudes & Dolly,” a night of male singers covering country music queen Dolly Parton. The list of performers include Justin Osborne (SUSTO), Joe Marlow (The Lowhills), Bob Culver (The Hungry Monks), Bill Carson, David Grant, Jeff Meirer (YeeHaw Junction), Joel Hamilton, Johnnie Matthews, Matt Williams (Solid Country Gold), and John Holenko (The Hungry Monks). The boys will be backed by all-female bands. Like other “Women &” shows, “Dudes & Dolly” will be split into two sets, with one focused on Parton’s 1970s sound (fronted by Holler), the other venturing into Dolly’s bluegrass days (fronted by Ketchum). “We were trying to find a female artist with a big catalog that would also be a lot of fun, and I think we got it just right with Dolly,” says Holler. She hints that fans can expect another male twist on the “Women &” series in the next year or so. “With the female ones we liked having these beautiful feminine voices singing songs from these rough male singers,” she says. “So we want to keep playing with that vocal juxtaposition. Dolly Parton has such a pretty, clean voice so we have some guys who are going to put a spin on that in a fun way.” —Alex Peeples SUNDAY


PUNK | Punks in the Cheese House
Monsters from Outer Space, Anergy, Never Any Ordinary
Sun. Nov. 18
8 p.m.
Cory’s Grilled Cheese

843Core Promotions takes a break from its usual metal-centric shenanigans to throw a punk party. It’s all happening at the unlikely epicenter for shows with a DIY-punk ’tude, Cory’s Grilled Cheese. Throw down this Sunday at the church of cheese with local horror punksters Monsters from Outer Space, crossover-punk peeps Anergy, and Mt. Pleasant post-punk crew Never Any Ordinary. Word on the street is this lineup is about as spooky as Wolf Man, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster combined: “never before so much horror under one roof.” —Kelly Rae Smith SUNDAY