PUNK FEST | Holy City Hullabaloo
w/ The Duppies, Chilled Monkey Brains, Control This, Sex Wax, First World Problems, Corporate Fandango, Glass Lashes, The Independents, Hybrid Mutants, The Madd Hatters, Be Like Max, The Holophonics, The Taj Motel Trio, The Prevalent, Hale Bop Astronauts
Fri. July 29 at 5 p.m. & Sat. July 30 at 6 p.m.
$10/one day, $15/two days
Tin Roof

When the venerable Charleston ska/punk/reggae outfit Sex Wax began corresponding with some regional bands recently, the original intent was to create a couple of shows to promote everyone involved. “It started as a couple of bands trying to play around a certain time frame,” says Sex Wax’s Alex Hunter. “And then we decided instead of doing three or four shows on different days, let’s consolidate it all into two days and make a festival out of it.” And thus the Holy City Hullabaloo was born. The festival includes a nicely mixed bill of local bands (Glass Lashes, Hale Bopp Astronauts) and out-of-town acts (The Independents, The Duppies), and Hunter says that it was planned to have exactly that balance. “The local bands, that’s the way that people in Charleston are going to show up to become familiar with these out-of-town bands,” he says. “These are bands on the precipice of reaching the next level, so having the locals peppered throughout the night is going to draw more people from Charleston to the event to see them.” —Vincent Harris FRIDAY AND SATURDAY


METAL FEST | Summer Super Slam ’16
w/ Mercy Blow, Concrete, Rhythm Of Fear, Meth Mouth, Hog Tide, Guttwrench, Bruise, Guerilla Warfare, Plagues, Born Sick, Relapse, Hanging Moon, Cringe
Mon. July 25
2 p.m.
The Hive

Last year, two hardcore metal fans and fledgling promoters named Will Manigault and Ethan Slaughter decided to take a big plunge and create an all-day festival of hardcore, deathcore, and death metal bands at the Hive in Ladson called the Lowcountry Death Fest. Much to their surprise, 250 people showed up, and the pair immediately began planning their next move. “After we did the first Lowcountry Death Fest together, Will said that each summer we should try to get two big shows going and we could each put our effort into one of them,” Slaughter says. “Will handles more of the heavy, deathcore, death metal side of things, and I go more for the hardcore type of thing.” The second edition of Death Fest took place earlier this summer, and now, with the 14-band Summer Super Slam, it’s Slaughter’s turn. Of the groups on the bill, Slaughter says there are two in particular he’s looking forward to. “Guerilla Warfare, they made a great first impression when they played here before,” he says. “They’re something fresh that the hardcore scene hasn’t seen in a long time. They’re like a modern-day, hardcore Rage Against the Machine. It hits hard, and it hits you down to your roots. And Mercy Blow have been blowing up since last year, and they’ve never played a show on the East Coast, so there are people traveling from all over to see them.” —Vincent Harris MONDAY


J.J. CALE TRIBUTE | Bob Culver w/ Matt Hamrick, John F. Kennedy, Greg Levkus
Sat. July 30
6:30 p.m.
Pour House

Bob Culver of both the Hungry Monks and the Harrows is teaming up with a group of celebrated local musicians to bring back the pioneering hits of singer-songwriter J. J. Cale with the show She Don’t Lie. Cale is known as the limelight-dodging genius behind tracks like “Cocaine,” “After Midnight,” and “Call Me the Breeze.” Culver and company should have no problem covering his repertoire as they make up a full four-piece band with Culver on vocals, guitars, and keys. “Cale somehow combined laid-back with rock energy into a sound that defines cool,” says Culver. “He wrote some of rock and blues’ greatest rave-ups, but when he played them, they sounded mellow and understated. His music comes from a place where country, blues, and Western swing all get mixed into the same stew.” Culver will be joined by Matt Hamrick of Hundred Hands Down on guitar and vocals, John F. Kennedy of the Hungry Monks on bass, and Greg Levkus of Blues Jam. The experience should be a slice of mellow yet soulful rock, just how Cale would want it. “I wanted to get that laid-back guitar thing going,” adds Culver. “Perfect music for a summer night on the PoHo deck.” —Graham Crolley SATURDAY


w/ DJ Party Dad, Mechanical River, Infinitikiss, Quad, Southern Femisphere, Diaspoura, Psychic Pets, DUMB Doctors, Sweatlands
Sun. July 31
4 p.m.
Local 616

Yes Fest is back this year with a stacked lineup of local bands ranging from psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll and experimental to post-punk and ambient electro-pop. And this time it’s a double-whammy birthday bash/going-away-party for organizer Salter Scharstein, who’s moving to Boston to pursue a master’s in social work. “I’ve lived in Charleston for over 10 years, so this is a huge change,” they say. “I love my community here, so it seemed right to go out with an event that’s just as much a celebration of all of these wonderful people as it is a celebration of my time here.” Yes Fest will also be one of Sweatlands’ last shows, since frontman and guitarist Mustafa Walker is headed to Santa Cruz soon to get a Ph.D. So since these cats are getting too smart for the rest of us, they’re getting a pretty loud send off from the likes of DJ Party Dad, Mechanical River, and Infinitkiss, Quad, Southern Femisphere, Diaspoura, DUMB Doctors, and Psychic Pets. Subpeninsular Hair Design will be giving haircuts on the deck out back, and Autobahn’s sammies and such will be on hand, too. —Kelly Rae Smith SUNDAY