CLASSICAL | Charleston Symphony Orchestra
Fri. Oct. 17
5 p.m.
Palmetto Brewery

Since early September, the Palmetto Brewing Company has been teaming up with the good folks at Awendaw Green to bring outdoor music connoisseurs the Loading Dock Music Series. The collaboration has hosted talented acts such as Avi Jacob, Bootless, and Volcanoes in the Kitchen. This week, the Charleston Symphony will play on the very loading dock where the brewery used to navigate their shipments before the 20-year-old facility got a facelift earlier this year. Chris Winn, Palmetto’s event evangelist, looks forward to this weekend more than ever down at the Huger Street brewery. “Friday afternoons are historically the one moment in the week to catch our breath,” says Winn. “The concerts are as much fun for our staff as they are for the fans, because everybody gets to collectively take a breath at the end of the week.” Bringing beer and classical music together is unique on its own, but it seems the Charleston Symphony is going to make the night even more interesting. “The last conversation we had was that they were going to bring a set of some hardcore oompah beer garden music, a set of traditional classical, and then we talked about doing a set of songs that you wouldn’t expect an orchestra to play,” says Winn. “We’re gonna put the ass in classical.” —J. Chapa FRIDAY


OLD-TIME FOLK | The Parmesans
Sat. Oct. 18
10 p.m.
The Mill

The folk scene is currently thriving in San Francisco, thanks in part to The Parmesans. The band describes themselves as, “Part contemporary folk, part alternative country, sort of blues, and not quite bluegrass.” All these adjectives make up for a great sound, but what really stands out is the act’s vocal harmonies. “People are generally pretty surprised when they see us, especially since we are mostly opening for more rock-oriented groups,” says Brian Welch, The Parmesans’ mandolin player and vocalist. “There aren’t a lot of bands out here that are into vocal harmony. People like to see folks who can sing well.” The band’s fifth release Flat Baroque was recorded last month, and it’s full of doo-wop melodies (“JuJaJe”), old-time jazz sounds (“Delirious Dream”), and trumpet-led hymms (“Brandy & Pears). While The Parmesans can write a catchy tune, they don’t take themselves too seriously. The band name alone came together while having a bit of fun. “It was hilarious. It’s one of those things that is almost so dumb, it’s smart,“says Welch. “Also, being really stoned totally influenced the decision, like, a lot.” —J. Chapa SATURDAY


MAN BAND | Nick and Knight
Sun. Oct. 19
8 p.m.
Charleston Music Hall

If you fawned over New Kids on the Block in the late-’80s, early ’90s or got your boy-band fix in the early 2000s with the Backstreet Boys, you’ll wanna hear this: Jordan Knight (NKOTB) and Nick Carter (BB) have united to make your teenage dreams come true — or to make a bunch of money off your nostalgia. Either way, you’re of age now, so let your freaky-fan flag fly. Calling themselves Nick and Knight, the two released an eponymous album together last month, and they’ve made it a point to prove they’re all grown up. Take “One More Time” for example. On that sugary pop track, they sing, “Do you remember/ Laying on the floor/ So drunk you fell/ We never laughed like that before.” But they’re also taking you back to high school with, “We tried to talk it out, but started making out.” It’s bizarre listening to the two one-time idols strive for relevance, and even weirder watching grown men (Carter is 34; Knight is 44) frolic with models in the “One More Time” video. But anyone who’s ever treasured the pages of Tiger Beat magazine (guilty) just may have the soft spot Carter and Knight are banking on to keep their egos hangin’ tough. —Kelly Rae Smith SUNDAY


ROCK ‘N’ ROLL | Gold Light
w/ LAZY and Sweatlands
Sun. Oct. 19
9 p.m.
Royal American

Joe Chang recently relocated to Charleston from Greenville, and he’s brought along his dreamy musical act Gold Light, which reminds us a lot of Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. “I tend to move around a lot. I’ve had really nice times here and started liking the city more and more,” says Chang. “Also, becoming friends with Elim Bolt and Hearts & Plugs sort of gave me a draw to make the move.” Gold Light joins the Hearts & Plugs musical roster with other great Charleston acts such as the aforementioned Elim Bolt, Michael Flynn, and Brave Baby. A couple of weeks ago, Gold Light wrapped up an East Coast tour with Elim Bolt, a rock ‘n’ roll outfit featuring Johnnie Matthews, Brett Nash, and Jess Oliver. “I’ve known Jess Oliver for a while and met Johnnie Matthews about a year ago when Gold Light first played in Charleston,” Chang says. “We really hit it off with similar styles, and we just became fast friends.” Chang released a fun 10-minute video last week he’s calling Endless Bummer II: The Tour Movie, named after Gold Light’s most recent tour. It’s filled with behind-the-scenes stuff from their adventures on the road, like visiting Coney Island and getting commemorative tats. “Johnnie, Jess, and I got bandmate/roommate/tour tattoos in Asheville of things we like. Jess got a cat with a third eye, I got a banner that says ‘Born To Run,’ and Johnnie got a cheeseburger.” —J. Chapa SUNDAY