Mon. Oct. 23
9 p.m.$12/adv., $14/door
Pour House

Have you ever asked yourself what the Power Rangers would be like if they snorted a line and formed a punk band? Yeah — us, too. Well, wonder no more because Peelander-Z is landing their gonzo punk spaceship on the Pour House stage. Hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander, the group can best be described as a combination between the Aquabats and manic manga ramblings. They swear by their backstory and have been known to fill their absurd stage show in the past with pro-wrestling moves, ice cream, and bowling in squid costumes. Yes, please. The music for Peelander is appropriately loony. “Ninja High Schooool” describes the trials and joys of going to a high school of samurai-slaying shadow warriors. “Taco Taco Tacos” sounds like the Ramones picked up a harmonica mid-snack attack and made a blues-punk track. The tunes vary with influences coming from pop, glam, punk, and blues but always have the same level of psychosis at the forefront. In every live performance, the crowd has just as much fun as the band, with guitarist-singer Peelander-Yellow crowd-surfing and demanding complete audience participation. Besides, who doesn’t want to rush the stage of a band that’s been known to dress like cartoon kaiju? —Heath Ellison MONDAY

[image-2] MULTI-GENRE | 843Core Halloween Show
Sat. Oct. 21
5 p.m.
$10, all ages
Creek City Vapors

843Core is at it again with the metal-infused shows, this time at a new DIY venue in Goose Creek, Creek City Vapors, featuring a mix of metal, hardcore, and rap. On the bill is Summerville deathcore crew Down Under, Charlotte cloud rap gang Graveyardboyz, Orlando hardcore rockers Broadmoor, Ravenel metalcore clan Agøny, Charleston hip-hop emcee Bass Ghost, Myrtle Beach nu-metalcore group Framed Persona, Greenville hardcore band Hell Hole, and local trance-pop act DD Allin. And since it’s Halloween, a costume contest is involved compete with giveaways from the shop. “After two small shows at Creek City to test the waters this is my first big one here, and I wanted to make it special,” says 843Core Promotions’ Will Manigault. “I love having rappers on my shows every now and then but this show will showcase that scene alongside the metal scene and hopefully have crossover draw.” Some of the non-metal acts from the lineup are already a part of the metal scene. “GYB, Bass Ghost and DD Allin are all supporters of the my scene and are loved by the people in my scene,” Manigault says. “Hopefully this leads to more crossover shows, and with the venue being close to Summerville I hope it brings out more kids that can’t always make it to downtown or James Island for shows.” —Kelly Rae Smith SATURDAY

[image-3] ROCK | SUSTO
w/ Esmé Patterson, Matt Monday
Sat. Oct. 21
8 p.m.
$18/adv., $20/door
The Royal American

Spacey five-piece SUSTO is kicking off their fall tour with a show too big for the Royal American’s interior. Thankfully, the parking lot has enough room for the stage and crowd. “I knew they had done [Summer] Shinding and stuff there, and had events in the parking lot,” says vocalist/guitarist Justin Osborne, who once worked at Royal American. “It seemed like the perfect way to have our fall show. It’s such a special place to all of us.” The folks at the Royal American will have a bar and a stage in the great outdoors along with local food vendors, like Greek food truck Platia. SUSTO will be joined by their fall tourmate indie singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson and local rapper Matt Monday. The combination of local genres has both Monday and SUSTO excited for the show. “I think it’ll be cool to bring, right now especially in the climate of the city, two different sides of the city together under music,” says Monday. “That’s probably the most productivity we’ll get, just trying to make a calmer atmosphere.” The event will also be the last time to see SUSTO for a while, as their national tour will come to a close at the end of December. —Heath Ellison SATURDAY

[image-5] JAZZ-R&B | Trané N’ Chel
Sat. Oct. 21
8 p.m.
$20 adv., $25/door

Neo jazz-R&B act Trané N Chel is from New York, having performed at such venues as Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and Madison Square Gardens, but she’s been spreading her soulful sound throughout the Lowcountry lately. And she says this weekend’s event is meant to be a reprieve from daily life and a platform for overlooked artists and venues. “We aim to promote unity, harmony, and support to those who don’t think it’s within their reach to participate in or experience events in the performing arts arena,” she says. “Through our efforts, we’d like to unite people of all backgrounds and cultures by showcasing the arts in venues throughout the Lowcountry, for there aren’t many that cater to the sophisticated demographic.” Part of the proceeds from this weekend’s North Charleston show will be donated to hurricane victims. —Kelly Rae Smith SATURDAY