LATIN SOUL-JAZZ | Gino Castillo’s SoulFunKubanized
Thurs. July 5
9:30 p.m.
$8/adv., $10/door
Pour House

In a time when we desperately need it, the City Paper’s two-time Jazz Artist Of The Year, Gino Castillo, has brought us one hell of a fun band. The Soulfunkubanized group is Latin-jazz joy personified, layering Castillo’s masterful percussion with a bright, blasting horn section, killer bass grooves, and fiery electric guitar a la Carlos Santana. The band excels at enlivening older rock and R&B warhorses, as is proven by their sizzling Afro-Cuban takes on Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Shining Star,” and Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” It’s not like these songs weren’t already beloved, but Castillo’s combo manages to find something new in them by recasting the grooves, making them flow in an entirely different direction without sacrificing any of the funkiness that made them great in the first place. And the revolving cast of vocalists he uses, including Zandrina Dunning, Elise Testone, Leah Suarez, and Kelly Eldridge, is first-rate. —Vincent Harris THURSDAY


ROCK ‘N’ ROLL | The Royal Tinfoil
w/ The Wombombs and Faline
Fri. July 6
9 p.m.
Pour House

It’s been a little over two years since Charleston’s the Royal Tinfoil released their last album, Feed These Demons, which documented the band’s transformation from an Americana group with old-time and Dixieland roots to a full-on rock ‘n’ roll combo. It was a surprisingly effective transition that made singer/guitarist Lily Slay’s velvet purr of a voice and Mackie Boles’ grimy lead guitar a potent mix, but don’t expect to hear a new album anytime soon. “Our main focus right now is playing shows to have fun, dude,” Slay says. “We’re all busy with our respective side projects and families, so we decided to stop running ourselves ragged and get back to why we started playing together: Connectivity and catharsis. We want our music to be a celebration. That’s why we cut back to just a few shows a year with touring bands we’re really excited about.” And Slay is definitely excited about playing with Faline and The Wombombs. “I feel like the theme of this show is ‘Magical Sleaze,’” she says. “We’ve got Florida surf rockers (The Wombombs) and a local grunge outfit with angelic vocals (Faline). They’re both spellbinding and slightly wicked. Expect otherworldly vibrations and a strangely unshakable urge to finally get that wizard tattoo you never wanted.” —Vincent Harris FRIDAY


w/ E.Z. Shakes, Dustin P. Fanning & the Seconds Out
Fri. Jul. 6
9 p.m.
Tin Roof

Columbia-based Boo Hag can best be described as lo-fi swamp punk. Imagine a garage-rock band whose primary songwriter is a voodoo doll. Yeah, it’s as great as it sounds. The horror blues of tracks like “Bad Blood,” from their 2017 release The Further got amplified a step, and, well, further on their duo of 2018 EPs. The March EP Testify is a more polished and put together Boo Hag, while the June release Crawfish has the band getting back to the dirt and grime of their punk swamp tunes. “We just took these four songs that I had written and decided to just bang them out. It was kind of a little experiment for us,” says guitarist Saul Seibert. The emphasis on raw speed (it only took three hours to record Crawfish) makes the EP a punchy listen. “Ghost” is a primitive slap that channels England and the deep South, similar to “Cut & Paste,” while both “Crawfish” and “Shadows” slow things up a bit to a New Orleans blues tone. —Heath Ellison FRIDAY


RAP | Hip Hop 4 Humanity Tour
w/ Abstract that Rapper, Jah Jr., Mardy Says, Slim & Soul, Tyrie
Sat. Jul. 7
12 p.m.
Free (12 p.m.-5 p.m.)
$10/adv., $15/door (7 p.m.-12 p.m.)
The Purple Buffalo

The Universal Zulu Nation, Gullah/ Geechee Angel Network, Unlocking Potential, and Soul Power Productions are organizing an all-day celebration of Gullah culture as part of the Hip Hop 4 Humanity Tour. Gullah/Geechee Nation Sweetgrass Tradition Keeper Anastatia Ketchen says that the event is about preserving the culture and promoting the Gullah/Geechee traditions. The first half of the day will consist of workshops and activities based around the culture. Once the sun goes down, rap music will take over. Over 20 artists will perform. Half the roster is from New York and half is from Charleston and Savannah. In addition to promoting local culture, Universal Zulu Nation Department of Community Affairs Executive Director Shepard McDaniel sees the Hip Hop 4 Humanity Tour as a chance to share New York’s rap culture. “We want artists that we’re bringing down to Charleston to begin to meet and build with the artists there, that are coming from New York,” says McDaniel. “Then we want to do an exchange. We want to bring artists from Gullah-Geechee to come up to New York and do a performance here.” The Hip Hop 4 Humanity Tour will take the Universal Zulu Nation to other parts of the globe, such as Cuba and Uganda. —Heath Ellison SATURDAY