HIP-HOP | Sample Jam
Terraphonics w/ Kevin Shields (of Little Stranger)
Tues. Aug. 1
6:30 p.m.
Pour House

World beat-niks Terraphonics will put their hip-hop production skills to the test with their upcoming Sample Jam on the back deck of the Pour House. “This is more specifically a hip-hop show that features a rotating cast of emcees around Charleston,” says bandleader Thomas Kenney. The backing band for Terraphonics perform while Kenney uses live sampling to make beats that play off the live music. Beginning this week, the Sample Jam is a weekly event recurring every Tuesday in August, with each week featuring a new rapper take the stage with Terraphonics. First up is Kevin Shields from local favorite Little Stranger, who collaborated with the Terraphonics on one of their first singles, “Get it Thumpin’.” Other lyricists confirmed to pick up the mic include Damn Skippy, J Vive, and Abstract. The vocalists will have the choice of doing pre-written verses, freestyling, or taking verses from classic rap songs and putting them over Terraphonics’ chilled-out, world music-inspired instrumentals. You can also sample out the Terraphonics’ Sample Jam, featuring MC J Vive, on Sat. July 29 at the Pour House main stage with a double bill with the Mike Quinn Superfunk. —Heath Ellison TUESDAY

NASHVILLE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL | Blackfoot Gypsies
w/ Becca Mancari and Jordan Igoe
Thurs. July 27
9 p.m.
The Royal American
When the Blackfoot Gypsies started out, they were one of the many guitar-drum duos on the musical landscape, making more noise with less instruments. And to be honest, it sounded pretty great. Guitarist Matthew Paige had a vicious feel for slide guitar, and drummer Zack Murphy redefined “primal” on his kit, emphasizing a heartbeat groove over needless complexity. It was raw, raucous, and loud stuff already, but when the duo brought in bassist Dylan Whitlow and harmonica wizard Ollie Dogg, they took that Southern-fried hard rock up a notch and gave themselves a seriously bluesy edge to boot. Whitlow and Murphy can lock into a dirty groove with the best of them, which frees Paige up from worrying about the bottom end so he can let it fly with some truly lethal riffs and solos. And Ollie Dogg might just be the band’s best asset now. His distortion-encrusted harp solos can go note for note with Paige’s playing, but he can just as easily shift into the rhythm section, laying down a grimy foundation for the band’s snake-hipped boogie. —Vincent Harris THURSDAY

PIANO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL | Italo & the Passions
w/ Glass Lashes
Fri. Jul. 28
9 p.m.
Tin Roof
Italo & the Passions wear their broken hearts on their sleeves. Their 2015 self-titled album is filled with straightforward rock riffs and lyrics that want to tell the world everything. “Nothing in my life is as beautiful as you/ and happiness was murdered when you walked right out my door,” vocalist Michael Italo howls in pain on “Your Kiss,” over a keyboard tone that the Rolling Stones would be jealous of. There’s also a heavy blues influence on the rhythm section, seen on the 12-bar swing of “These Gorgeous Eyes.” “When I wrote all of those songs, I was going through whatever I was going through at the time,” says Italo. “Once you get over that hump, you kind of look at the big picture of life.” Looking at the bigger picture and a newfound maturity are themes for the Passions’ forthcoming album, Rolling On. Italo says, “Instead of straight emotion, it’s kind of a reflection of taking it all in and looking at it and not just being a young stupid kid.” —Heath Ellison FRIDAY

METAL | Back to School Bash II
w/ PLAGUES, Jynzo, Beshiba, Tone, Never I
Sat. July 29
9 p.m.
Cory’s Grilled Cheese

Local darkened hardcore band PLAGUES are calling it quits after only a year or so of making records together. Guitarist TJ Sizemore is moving to the Upstate, so the guys — bassist Robert Graynor, vocalist Stephen Otto, drummer Matt Verner (also of Looming Youth) — are throwing a farewell bash as a send-off and billing it as a Back to School Bash. The shindig features blackened hardcore Greenville act TONE, metalcore Charlotte band Never I, prog-metal rockers out of Rock Hill, Jynzo, Florence-based heavy hardcore four-piece, Beshiba, and, of course, PLAGUES. All proceeds go to the Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC), which is in the process of collecting school supplies for the children and families they serve. CYDC is a direct descendant of the Charleston Orphan House, the first publicly funded orphanage in the country. Admission to the benefit is $5 for showgoers who bring an item on the CYDC’s wish list. Without a donation, the cover is $10. You can find the wish list and learn more about CYDC at cydc.org. —Kelly Rae Smith SATURDAY