Garage Americana | The Menders
w/ Sinners & Saints, Jerry Castle, and South Rail Bluegrass Band
Wed. Jan. 28
6 p.m.
Awendaw Green

Gastonia, N.C.’s The Menders combine an interesting blend of garage-rock influences with Americana to make eclectic music that’ll keep you guessing as to what they’ll sound like next. Last year’s self-titled album is front-loaded with dark, twangy tunes about heartbreak and triumph, and the latter half is a Russian roulette of styles ranging from The Beatles to Ryan Adams. “We create the songs with no particular formula or sound in mind,” says rhythm guitarist and vocalist Wes Forbus. “We let the song become what it needs to become. More often than not, it becomes an entirely different sound. I think if you try and force a sound for a particular song, it loses its connectivity with folks.” The track “Sleep When You Die” opens up with a very Beatles-like piano lick and plummets head-first into a melancholy, minor-laden vocal melody. It’s the song that sums up The Menders’ sound the most, because it’s filled with diverse sounds and vocal harmonies. The Menders will also head to the studio soon to record a six-track acoustic EP. “It will be a mix and match of brand new songs and old songs, some we haven’t ever played live,” says Forbus. “Here’s the great part: We’ll be giving it away for free.” —J. Chapa


Psych Rock | Chief Scout
w/ Heyrocco and Concord America
Thurs. Jan. 29
9 p.m.
Tin Roof

Thurs. Jan. 29
5 p.m.
Monster Music & Movies

Trey Rosenkampff, a.k.a. Chief Scout, understands the musical spectrum and how chord progressions flow into one another to create catchy melodies. Last year’s Run Away From Home only has two tracks, but that was enough to raise our eyebrows. The quirky, melodic guitar licks on the song “Oh Shit” are refreshing coming from a loud rock band. It’s not every day that a band can be rowdy and still have insane amounts of hooky goodness in their music. “‘Oh Shit’ is a true story about a girl,” Rosenkampff says. We can really appreciate Chief Scout’s attention to musical details with his use of wood block start/stops throughout the tunes. As far as more music is concerned, we are willing to wait. “There’s been an official release, technically, in the works for about two years,” says Rosenkampff. “I went out to Austin and recorded an EP with James Petralli from White Denim in 2013. We’re working to get more music out as soon as possible. I think we’re shooting for spring this year.” Chief Scout is currently sharing a tour van with Concord America. “Anyone reading this who’s coming to the Charleston show should know that it’s Ben from Concord America’s birthday the night of the show,” says Rosenkampff. “So be prepared to party and to [buy] him mass quantities of alcohol.” —J. Chapa


Charity Rock | Groundhog Day Concert
Sat. Jan. 31
8 p.m.
Charleston Music Hall

You never know what you’re gonna get at a Groundhog Day Concert, but it’s all guaranteed to be top-shelf loveliness. On Saturday, some of the Holy City’s finest musicians will come together to raise money for arts programming at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Last year’s show — starring Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent and a long list of other local talent — left the audience breathless. This year’s roundup is just as impressive as the last, featuring performances from a couple of one-time Charlestonians, Rachel Kate Gillon and Owen Beverly, plus The Opposite of a Train (Bill Carson, Nathan Koci, and Ron Wiltrout), Jack Burg, John Cobb, Michael Flynn, Clint Fore, Joel Hamilton, Kevin Hamilton, Jonathan Gray, Mark Sterbank, Lindsay Holler, and Stephanie Underhill. Though the quality of music will stay true to the event’s roots, 2015’s atmosphere will be slightly different. “I think this year might be a little bit more of a party than it was last year,” says Carson, the event’s organizer. “I feel like we have more high-energy stuff that’s represented, whereas in the past it was a lot of super chill, lush, beautiful kinds of stuff.” As far as what songs will be performed, Carson has a pretty solid formula for mixing things up. “Mark [Sterbank] likes to say that a concert should be like a wedding: something borrowed, something new, something blue. I think those are pretty good reference points,” Carson says. “So most of the singers will sing one of their songs and one traditional song or a cover song or a reimagining of an old song.” Puppeteer Will Schutze will bring along Mr. Bonetangles for a cameo performance. VIP tickets are available, which include an onstage after-party with the performers. —Kelly Rae Smith


Sultry Rock | FALINE
w/ Conor Donohue and She Returns From War
Mon. Feb. 2
9 p.m.
Local 616

Though FALINE, a.k.a. Jenna Ave-Lallemant, won’t release her self-titled debut album until Sat. Feb. 28, she’ll drop its first single “Valet” on Monday. Recorded with producer Andy Dixon at his Ramshackle Studios in West Ashley, the track features Punks&Snakes’ Jack Burg (percussion), plus backup vocals from Dixon, Lily Slay (Royal Tinfoil), Hunter Park (She Returns From War), and Conor Donohue. “The song started as a more lyrically driven song and was actually one of the last ones we recorded for the album,” Ave-Lallemant explains. When FALINE sings “I left my number in your phone, it’s listed under filthy whore,” it’s easy to hang onto her every word, but there’s more to the track to keep listeners glued. “The lyrics are crucial, but there are some big moments that happen in production that help drive some of the sentiment home. There are some spacey backward guitar, climbing bass, hard-hitting group choruses, and a fuzzy organ-driven bridge. I love it,” says Ave-Lallemant. Monday’s single-release show not only coincides with Ave-Lallemant’s birthday, but it also doubles as Donohue’s going-away bash before he departs for his new home, New Orleans. —Kelly Rae Smith