FOLK GRASS-POP | The Moon and You
w/ Harrison Ray and Lindsay Holler
Thurs. Jan. 17
8 p.m.
Tin Roof

Unlike many acoustic folk duos, Asheville’s the Moon and You features acoustic guitar and cello, which allows the band to get a deeper, smokier tone than similar acts. Melissa Hyman’s cello also provides a groovy, dynamic presence, channeling sultry jazz swing on the down-to-earth ode “Diamondz,” haunting folk-grass on “Baker’s Daughter,” and harmony-enriched folk-pop like the foot-tapping “Take Me With You.” While Hyman holds down the hearty bottom end, Ryan Furstenberg’s fingerstyle guitar does soft-shoe over the top, allowing the tenderly plucked melodies to dance watercolor wisps that gently fade into each other. And the sonic yin-yang extends beyond their instruments. Fustenberg also possesses a booming, oaky baritone that plays nicely against Hyman’s sweet girlish coo. The pair only started making music together a little more than a year ago, but since then they’ve released two live six-song EPs on BandCamp. At least a few tracks seem inspired by the pair’s obvious chemistry and shared affection, recalling the intimate earnest spirit of fellow North Carolina couple-combo Bowerbirds. —Chris Parker THURSDAY

ELECTRO-SOUL | Archnemesis
w/ KilGo and BLKMRKT
Fri. Jan. 18
9 p.m.
Pour House

After a 42-city tour last fall, you’d think that local soul-influenced electronic act Archnemesis (a.k.a. Curt Heiny and Justin Aubuchon) would take it easy for at least a little while. But that’s not the Archnemesis way. They’ve got four shows lined up this month, including a gig this Friday at the Pour House, and there will be plenty more once February and March roll around. “We wouldn’t trade it for anything,” they tell us. “We get to do what we love for a living and affect people positively through music.” In the meantime, though, they’ll be cranking out new material to prep themselves for the summer festival season. At their Charleston show, expect to hear tracks from their latest album, Every Man for Himself, as well as remixes they worked on during the fall trip. —Susan Cohen FRIDAY

  • Jamiekay Young

Electro-Hillbilly Autoharp Pop | The Decent Lovers
w/ Lazerblade
Sat. Jan. 19
8 p.m.
Tin Roof

The cover to the Decent Lovers’ Quit Trying features the Asheville-based electro-pop band standing on top of a pickup truck brandishing guns and waving an American flag. However, head Lover Elijah Wyman wants it known that he and his bandmates “don’t hoard ammo for the apocalypse and I’m not an NRA member.” As for the guns, Wyman says, “We’ve spent hours as a band plinking cans with Red Riders and popping balloons with slingshots … We’re not making a statement or being ironic. It’s just something we do for fun.” Speaking of fun, Quit Trying is a spirited little romp through the woods of Appalachia — that is, if the woods were lit up like Christmas trees and the rustling of leaves sounded like an autoharp. “Decent Lovers came from an obsession with Appalachian instruments and radio pop, trying to make new pop with a completely wrong set of tools,” Wyman says. “I’ve spent a few years playing, breaking, and rebuilding autoharps, trying to make them sound not terrible.” He adds, “I love marginalized instruments.” Well, here’s hoping that the Decent Lovers don’t stay on the margins for any longer. —Chris Haire SATURDAY

METAL | Ionia
w/ Saint Diablo and Jennifer Arroyo
Sat. Jan. 19
6 p.m.

Reality TV show fans — Big Brother fiends in particular — stop what you’re doing. No. No. No. We don’t mean reading. Keep on doing that. Stop doing all that other stuff you’re doing, like eating and thinking about sex and wondering if you DVR’d Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstong. The Oasis is hosting a pretty cool metal show this weekend featuring two rock-solid acts — Ionia and Saint Diablo — and none other than Jennifer Arroyo, a.k.a. JennCity of Big Brother season 14, a.k.a. the one-time bassist for pioneering all-girl metal band, Kitty. While we didn’t have a chance to chat with JennCity, we did speak with the guys in Ionia, who as fate would have it, didn’t know diddly about Kitty or BB. They say, “We had not seen that show. We were not aware of Kitty till this tour came up, and then we did our research.” However, the band says, “We are excited to work with her and glad to be heading out on the road again.” Fair enough. Drawing inspiration from My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, and Brand New, Ionia comes from the more angsty, earnestly serious side of the metal world. In fact, they’re known to send out rather heady tweets, stuff like, “I am a fragment of what I hope to be some day. I am here to find a way to become my dream. My name is Ionia, and I surrender only fear,” or “The Dakota war was not a war at all but a massacre by white men and a gasp of desperation by starving natives.” Saint Diablo, meanwhile, just kicks ass. —Chris Haire SATURDAY