[image-1](You read that headline right.)

Lizard Man, you know, the South Carolina legend that comes out every once in a while, well, he’s heading to Park Circle today.

The first sighting of the Lizard Man took place in 1988 in Lee County, S.C. where 17-year-old Christopher Davis saw what he described as a creature that was “green, wet-like, about seven feet tall and had three fingers.” Terrifying stuff. Sightings were reported again in 2011, and later in 2015. Hell, there’s even a 2008 SCETV documentary about the slithery fellow.[content-2]
Today, local artist Philip Hyman has created an eight-foot tall sculpture made of chicken wire, foam insulation, acrylic paint, and reclaimed wood and placed his sculpture at 4705 Marlboro Place. Hyman says, “When something in the news or around me is inspiring to me, I can’t turn off the flow of art.”
We can neither confirm nor deny if this sculpture comes to life when the sun fades behind the moon. Head to Park Circle to see for yourself.