[image-1] Charleston bedroom pop artist Joseph Dubay dropped a new track, “Lame House Party” on Sat. Nov. 2.

“[The track] is intentionally dropping with very short notice,” Dubay in the days leading up to the release.

The indie-rock artist released his last EP, Coping Mechanism, earlier this year, which was then followed by a string of five singles, including “Pastel Goth,” “Shoot to Thrill,” and now “Lame House Party.”
[content-1] “This Summer I made it clear that there would be one single a month, and each had lots of lead up and promotion,” Dubay explains. “If I can give them [fans] a steady stream of content without feeling burnt out, then it makes me really happy to do so.”

The new song relishes in Dubay’s youthful years with an accompanied carefree vocals and a wishful guitar riff.

With more songs in the coming months, Dubay is establishing a consistent flow of music for the Charleston music scene.