A Very Merry Local X-Mas

w/ Broadside, Blindsyght, Near Fatal Fall, Corsica, Virgil Kain, The Tens, At Last Glance, The DaliDrama

Sat. Dec. 1

7 p.m.

$10 (includes CD)

Music Farm

32 Ann St.

(843) 853-3276



In the spring of 2005, 98X’s weekly three-hour local music show Local X kicked off with host Amy Hutto at the helm. Loose, chaotic, shouty, and full of good vibes, Local X provided some welcome additional coverage of the local music and club scene, putting the spotlight on mostly heavy-rockers from the Charleston and S.C. scenes.

“One thing we’ve always hung on to from the beginning is to keep Local X live and unrehearsed,” says Hutto. “It’s on-the-spot with little pre-produced stuff.”

She, co-host Toker, and the usual rotation of cast members and pals recently put the final touches on their second annual local holiday compilation, A Very Merry Local X-Mas, Volume Deuce. The collection features tracks by eight local rock acts — Broadside, Blindsyght, Near Fatal Fall, Corsica, Virgil Kain, The Tens, At Last Glance, and The DaliDrama — all of whom are set to perform at the Music Farm gig this Saturday.

“I think this year’s a better representation than last year’s which was kind of an experiment,” laughs Hutto. “Volume 1 was my first experience with CD duplicators and artwork and licensing. It worked out well. I think this is a pretty original idea — and it’s hard to be original anymore. All of the bands have been totally great on this project. They really stepped up. They had complete control over what they wanted to record. It’s all new songs, a nice combination of covers and originals.”

The all-ages party kicks up at the Music Farm at 7 p.m. on Saturday. The $10 ticket price includes a free copy of the compilation. A portion of the proceeds will go to help the Geoff Turner Scholarship fund. The event is co-sponsored by Fusion 5 Studios, the Music Farm, Who’s Your Daddy energy drink, and Lowcountry Vespa.

“Fusion 5 have been especially great to work with,” Hutto says. “They sponsor the show every week. Jeff Leonard and Jordan Herschaft put a ton of hard work into this in their spare time. They recorded one song per band for free over the period of a couple of months.”

A Very Merry Local X-Mas, Volume 1 featured renditions of holiday classics and original pieces from Handgun Sonata, The Soul Mites, The Tens, The Diesel Brothers, Belligerent, Moonless Moth, Steve Hit Mike, and The Fire Apes.

A Very Merry Local X-Mas, Volume 2 follows nicely. There are a mix of covers: Broadside’s “Winter Wonderland,” At Last Glance’s “Frosty the Snowman,” Near Fatal Fall’s “Carol of Bells,” and The DaliDrama’s hilarious “Island of Misfit Toys.” And there are a few clever originals: Blindsyght’s “Local X-Mas,” Corsica’s “25 of December,” Virgil Kane’s “All I Want for Christmas is to Be Your Rock Star,” and a “hidden track” from The Tens with Hutto and Toker titled “12 Days of Local X-Mas.”

If this compilation does as well as last year’s, the Local X and Fusion 5 team may push ahead with a straightforward local collection — an ambitious project no one has attempted since the Millennium Music comps of the late ’90s and early 2000s.

“We’ll have eight bands, each playing 25-minute sets,” says Hutto. “They’re sharing a lot of gear. No one is a headliner. Some of them have played together, some of them haven’t. It’s just a great way to bring everyone together and do something cool.”