“Undone” from the Cletus album Horseplay Leads to Tragedy
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Tuning the top heads of a snare drum, adjusting the tension of a lug, repositioning a kick drum mallet, rescuing a piece of hardware with half a roll of duct tape — these are routine tasks for local drummer and technician Scott Price. A longtime musician in the scene, Price has toured, recorded, roadied, and just about done it all from the drummer’s point of view. Now, he’s settling into a new role: local drum craftsmen.

“Starr Custom Drum Co. is just a few months old, but we are very busy,” says Price of his newly-established company. “We mainly make custom drums — made to order. We also repair and recondition existing drums.”

Price may be best known around town as the powerful timekeeper and tom pummeler for celebrated ’90s band Cletus. The band played its first gig in Charleston in 1994 with singer Johnny Puke and guitarist Kevin Lewey at the helm. Price usually propelled things at a fast tempo. Over seven years, Cletus recorded three albums and regularly toured the U.S. and Canada.

These days, Price mostly roadies for the Blue Dogs, occasionally teching with national bands or working big concert events. He fills in on drums with the Blue Dogs, Spunjwurthi, the Diesel Brothers, and Johnny Clash as well.

He currently keeps time for the newly re-formed The Real Soda Pop Curtis.

“My first job outside of being a musician was with the Blue Dogs,” he says. “It was almost eight years ago. We were playing New York, Colorado, Texas, and all points in-between. I’m like the third string drummer for them. I’ve played a half dozen shows with them over the years.

“The most important talent or skill required of a good roadie is the ability to adapt, overcome, and make the best out of a bad situation,” he adds. “It’s a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. You’re the first one in and the last one out. Roadies make the rock ‘n’ roll world go ’round.”

Away from the stages and drum risers, he plans to build a number of drums and establish Starr Drum as a specialty company capable of delivering uniquely-shaped, ruggedly-constructed drum kit pieces any hard-hitting drummer or tough-skinned roadie would be proud to hump. —T. Ballard Lesemann

For more on Starr Drum visit myspace.com/starrdrumco.