[image-1] Tim Hussey, a Charleston native and contemporary artist best known for his abstract works, recently decided that art isn’t just for adults. After the birth of his daughter Merrick this past year, Hussey and his wife Elise came up with the idea for Abstract Baby Co., a company that, well, creates art for babies.

As Abstract Baby Co. puts it, “[Hussey] knew there had to be others like him and his wife who would appreciate custom art for their children — something to hang on their walls beyond the usual mass-produced cartoon imagery, something that would be meaningful for both child and parent and could grow with them through all the phases of life.”

[image-2]A Leonardo da Vinci quote on Baby Co.’s website seems to sum the company’s message up: “All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions.”

In a 2016 interview with City Paper, Hussey talked about his exhibit, Badeschiff, created after the death of his mother, and dedicated to her memory. At the time he said, “I’m trying to find the goodness in life again. Trying to find why I am here back in Charleston. What do you do after your mom dies? Who are you? It’s a big question.”

Perhaps, then, that question can be partly answered by Abstract Baby Co., and its (very cute) inspiration, baby Merrick. Shop works on canvas and paper (starting at $250) online now.