• Andrew Dyck

We all know that Facebook has the power to zap productive hours and track down long-lost crushes, but it has some useful purposes, too. Take the Charleston Eclecticon for example, an event that will take place behind the Read Brothers building on Sat. Feb. 12. Local artists (many affiliated with downtown arts collective Tivoli) recently posted a call for entries on Facebook and invited friends to basically create the event themselves. Artists and musicians were asked to submit to the event by uploading their art, music, and ideas. "It has become a conversation between artists, founded on the principle that creative people thrive in collaboration," according to reps. Seth Corts, Lisa Abernathy, Andrew Dyck, and Zac Mallard are just some of the artists involved so far.

The art bazaar/interactive exhibition will be open to the public at no charge for one day only. If you’d like to preview or submit works, search "Charleston Eclecticon" on Facebook. Tivoli will receive works between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and assist in the hang at Read Brothers Saturday.

  • Lisa Abernathy