Today Creative Mornings Charleston (CMCHS) announced that local attorney Trey Jameson will speak at next Friday’s morning lecture on the topic of survival. As always, tickets are free — just be sure to snag yours right at 10 a.m. on Monday morning. This talk is held at the Riley Park Club at 8 a.m. Here’s to hoping Bill Murray shows up.

So how does an attorney fit into the world of creatives? In a pretty cool way, actually. In an interview with CMCHS Jameson said, “My artist pro-bono program is my most rewarding work. I mentor a deserving creative in the community for six months to establish a profitable business with appropriate IP protection and serve as a business advisor once legal work is done, with no charge for legal fees. I believe your biggest imprint is being a part of the community, not the size of your wallet.” We can get behind that, Trey.

Learn more about Jameson and his firm, Jameson Law, at jameson-law.com.