Charleston has an incredibly diverse biking community, and they all came together on Thursday for the Bicycle Brew Haha, hosted by Charleston Moves. Intended to celebrate the strides the city has made in becoming more bike-friendly, the event was the culmination of a two-day extravaganza that included lectures, discussions, and joyrides with national cycling advocates.

Cyclists of all sorts were spotted pedaling their way toward the Maritime Center, and a long line of bikes were parked near the entrance. Curious onlookers congregated around a sweaty bike polo match taking place in a makeshift wooden corral, and Palmetto Brewing attracted a long line of beer lovers to their two taps. Diggity Doughnuts, Roti Rolls, and Roots Ice Cream were set up out back in a makeshift food court — I have to say, Roots’ basil ice cream paired nicely with Palmetto’s brews.

As the "magic hour" set upon the area, organizer Kristin Walker, founder of Charleston Cycle Chic, announced the beginning of the bike fashion show. Stylish cyclists made their way up and down the concourse, showing off their rides more than their robes — everything from hard-working mountain bikes to sleek road bikes to a trike were spotted.

After the show, Stan Gray and the Stingrays started swinging on stage, but not many people seemed interested in dancing. Maybe they’re just more comfortable on two wheels.