Two big losses for local Democratic Primary candidates.

U.S. Senate candidate Vic Rawl, a Charleston County councilman, was defeated by unknown Alvin Greene. And Mt. Pleasant pilot Robert Burton was defeated by perpetual candidate Ben Frasier.

Rawl has criss-crossed the state. Not only was he taking this campaign very seriously, independent voters were taking his campaign seriously. Greene hasn’t done any campaigning and its unclear what kind of alternative he’s going to offer against U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Frasier runs every two years and it looks like his number is up. But Burton was a strong campaigner who has spent months on the campaign trail.

If state Party Chair Carol Fowler was disappointed, she held it in during a brief election-night release.

“I congratulate all of the winners of today’s Democratic primaries,” Fowler said in the statement. “These men and women represent the ideas, values, and leadership desperately needed in South Carolina after so many years of Republican irresponsibility and scandals.”

Unofficial Results:
1st Congressional District
Ben Frasier, 10,520, 56 percent
Robert Burton, 8,375, 44 percent

U.S. Senate
Alvin Greene, 99,872, 59 percent
Vic Rawl, 69,469, 41 percent