Technology seems to be focused on larger screens and tinier devices, but two Charleston entrepreneurs are dedicated to making storage personalized for you.

Nicolas Christ and Ben Sweatman have created a prototype for the VIDRIVE, a bracelet that carries a tiny flash drive. Not satisfied with normal plug-in storage devices, Christ wanted to create a product that was not only small enough to be hassle-free, but handy and stylish enough to ensure consumers can — and will want to — keep it on them. DJs Trav and Y-Not can be seen promoting the bracelet in the Kickstarter video for its capability to hold all their music when they travel to different venues.

Christ and Sweatman are trying to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter to create molds for different bracelet sizes and designs, and project a full-scale release by Christmas. You can contribute until Oct. 30 on Kickstarter.