[image-1] Julie Weldon and Stacey Pierce are the co-founders of OME Gear, a locally based, women-led outdoor gear company. In the spirit of their love for the outdoors, Weldon and Pierce have launched a new podcast, Do It In Nature!, which you can find on OME Gear’s website.

Check out the bi-weekly podcast on Wednesdays, when the pair interview prolific voices in the outdoors industry, from owners of outdoor companies to extreme adventurers.

You’re introduced to Weldon and Pierce in the first episode, and in episode two you’ll hear from owner of Lowcountry Oyster Co., Trey McMillan. Tune into the third ep to hear from fly fisherman Robert Navarro.

In a press release, Weldon said: “In a time where the screen in front of us has become more important than the people or nature we’re interacting with, more stories like this need to be told.”

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