Walking into the ’Stache Bash at the Griffon Pub Tuesday night was a lot like walking into any classy establishment in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week — facial hair was on everything. Men. Women. Beer Glasses. You name it, and it was ’stached out.

A $5 donation at the door got you in to the packed house, and also awarded you one raffle ticket. One especially gnarly raffle prize was the bright red Fat Tire beach cruiser donated by the New Belgium Brewing Company. More importantly, the donation went to help fund research for men’s cancer “below the belt.”

This party was the closing event for the month of “Movember,” when lots of men, as you may have noticed, have grown out their mustaches to help raise funding and awareness about men’s issues that are often not discussed, like prostate and testicular cancer.

The place was packed by 9:30, and lots of burly bearded men stood around discussing their newfound appreciation for “a nice wax.” With multiple New Belgium beers on tap and one dollar from each pint of Fat Tire and Ranger going to charity, it’s safe to say this party was a win-win for the hairier breed of us homosapiens.