Ghost Hunters of Charleston, a group founded by Gene Newhouse and Bridget Micka, will be featured in the premiere episode of the HGTV show House Haunters, which airs on Oct. 18 at 9 p.m.

“We pride ourselves on being rational and leaving any presumptions about the paranormal at the door when we conduct an investigation,” Newhouse says. “You won’t find us with psychics or mystics, although we respect those who prefer that approach. Our goal is to record tangible evidence of paranormal occurrences, and we take great precaution on our investigations to ensure we don’t fool ourselves when we review.”

GHC was contacted by a fellow investigator who was looking for groups for the TV show. “We had a total of three days to get ready for the show, so we gathered information about the town and history of the home, made sure our equipment was charged, ready to go, and traveled to our destination,” Micka says. “The whole experience was thrilling.”

Viewers will get to see just how GHC performs an investigation. They’re hoping to get a good response from the episode, and if House Haunters is successful, GHC wants to be involved with the program as it continues.