[image-1]Local hip-hop act SLUM CHRONIC is set to release a four-track EP on Valentine’s Day. According to the artist, whose real name is Alex Wagner, the self-titled debut album is wrought with ’90s nostalgia and jazz influences.

“Each song I’ve decided to use and tell a very personal story with,” he explains. “I wanted the EP to delve deeper into my personal life and the daily struggles I’ve dealt with. I want people to know SLUM CHRONIC as an artist and a person.”

This comes after Wagner’s received negative feedback about his musical pursuits.

”I’ve had people message me and try telling me rap isn’t who I am, or what I should be doing, and I cant stand that. So I decided Id give people what they want, some real life music.”

The music on the EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Raleak Perry a.k.a EyeRap, while Jordan Costello at Costello Studio helped with vocals, mixing, and more.

SLUM CHRONIC also dropped a couple of singles this year, including “Stranger Than Fiction,” a jazzy track with a beat taken from Abe Masaryk’s oddwinter, and is working on an eight-song mixtape for a release later this year.

To listen, go to soundcloud.com/slumchronic.